Magnetic Separation Column/ Ore Grade Hoist

How does it work?

Nowadays, the drum separator is used in the iron ore mining industry. But it can not produce high-grade iron concentrate because it can not remove the locked-particles and gangue in the agglomeration formed in the process of magnetic separation.

The RY series Pules Electric Separator works in a better way. It can break the locked-particles and removes the gangue from the agglomeration.

When the iron ore pulps pumped into the vertical selection drum, the magnetic granule will be affected by three different forces:

  • Pulsed Electric Field Force(which is generated downward continuously );
  • Gravity;
  • Impulsion force (from the ascending water which is continuously pumped from the bottom of the machine).

Under the combination of those three forces, the high-grade iron ore concentration will be formed and turned into a refined Magnetic Chain, which suspended descending to the tank bottom, automatically push to the next procedure.

Because of the effective leveled evenness electric magnetic field, the refined Magnetic Chain keeps vertical, which will not agglomeration on the drum wall. The gangue, which is surrounding by the Magnetic Chain, will be pushed up by the ascending water and overflow in the top, going away as tailing.

Pules Electric Separator is an automatic running iron ore separating machine which is developed by our own design electric control System. According to the data collecting from the running machine, the system will analyze and process the information, after that, it can give orders to the magnetic field, electric valves for accomplishing fully automatic unmanned control.

We have applied this System for many factories and sites, the rich experience will help our customers to get more benefits.

One button start, continuous running, You with Us to great!